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Peace Camp   2022

Peace Camp was a 4 day event co-curated with Beaconsfield gallery, London and Minna Haukka, alongside an exhibition of paintings by the Swedish painter Monica Sjöö. Celebrating the Women's Peace Camps of Greenham Common 40+ years on the event brought together artists and academics from then and now who are exploring the relevance of the Greenham camps today through ongoing inquiry into art as protest.

Participants included: The Mobile Feminist Library, Sally Pomme Clayton, Alexandra Kokoli, Kristin Luke, Liz Murray, Anne Robinson, Anita Slater and Tansy Spinks.


As part of the event I led two short P.E.A.C.E walks with letter costumes, from the Feminist Library to Beaconsfield and from there to Parliament Square and back. Inspired by images of structures at the military base I made 'Watchtower' to overlook the camp, pasted inside with copies of posters, articles, letters, images etc. from the Greenham archives at the Feminist Library.

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